Enhance your productivity and plant yield with optimized water

NLP Aqua Solutions proprietary water restoration technology improves the functional properties of water by increasing oxygen solubility and bioavailability of minerals, resulting in increased growth rates, crop quality and yield. The ‘restored’ water will also optimize the efficacy of the nutrient supplements both in liquid and/or powder form.

A critical oversight that a cultivator can make is to invest money into a crop, but neglect the issue of the water supply quality, perhaps the single most important resource to not only produce a genuinely healthy end-product but critical in processing to market pathogen free.

The overall water quality is usually based on the amount of total dissolved solids, or TDS, and is measured in parts per million (ppm) or mg/L. Dissolved solids are so small that they remain suspended in molecular, ionized, or micro-granular form and need to be removed at sub-micron levels using nanofiltration.

Another key indicator of water quality for plants is the total hardness, expressed as calcium and magnesium in grains per gallon (GPG) or ppm. With too much hardness, plant deficiencies or nutrient lockouts can quickly become a major problem.

Once you install a Traiad™ Water Optimizer you can expect to see a greener, healthier, more robust growth with less water. 


Water molecules tend to cluster together due to their dipolar bonds, making them harder to penetrate the cell wall. More water is therefore needed to fully hydrate.


The optimized water results in the reduction and reorganization of the water molecule clusters though complex physical reactions that affect the chemical bonds. The reduced surface charge allows for ease in penetrating the cell walls and increased bioavailability of naturally occurring minerals in the water.


Pharmaceutical Grade Medical Cannabis

Cannabis plants have natural enemies that need to be addressed in the quality of water, air, soil and foliar. Pathogens, including fungi, bacteria, and viruses, can reduce yields, hinder growth, and dramatically impact production capacity. For all forms of pathogens, the Traiad™ Restoration System is the best defense to ensure the whole environment is protected to achieve strict pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements. The end result is to reduce the production per gram costs with an environmentally sustainable solution.

Water Absorption Process

Water intake alone consumes a lot of plant energy in the form of oxygen. In current indoor environments, watering ranges from 3-5 gallons [11-19 liters] per day per kW of light – not per plant.  In an indoor grow operation, you may have between 0.6 kW and 1 kW for every 25 square feet [2 square meters] of plant canopy.

The cell’s membrane contains protein channels called Aquaporins, which is solely responsible for absorbing and transporting water from a plant’s roots. This was discovered by Peter Agre of John Hopkins University for which he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003. 

It is understood that the Aquaporin absorbs water at the molecular level and due to the hydrogen bond of water molecules but cannot absorb water while it is in a molecular cluster. Instead, it can only absorb the water molecules one by one. With our Traiad™ Water Optimization System, not only are the water molecules reorganized for greater assimilation, there is the added benefit of reducing the vital minerals to sub-micron dimensions for optimal transportation through the Aquaporin channels.

The Vital Importance of Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is a term that defines the oxygen saturation level in the water. Point blank—the more oxygen in the water, the happier your plant’s roots will be.

Moving water is healthy water; and as water flows and tumbles about in oceans and rivers, it allows for air to be captured. Through our in-line proprietary process, the molecular oxygen to remain in a prolonged suspended state.

Dissolved oxygen is the first line of defense against anaerobic bacteria that cause root rot. It also promotes rapid root growth with a much higher density of fine root hairs, which are in fact the ones responsible for water intake. The increased availability of oxygen atoms also enhances the uptake of nutrients. Oxygen-deprived roots have no option but to substitute with other compounds and start producing ethylene, which causes cell damage and increases the chance of systemic disease and potentially cause a calcium deficiency.

Organic Control for Soil and Foliar

The custom solution involves a molecular non-toxic bio-engineering technique that is 100% effective and safe for human and animal health, and the environment. Each formulation is bio-engineered specific to the class of insect through a proprietary process derived using the polypeptide protein molecule found in soybean oil. Soybean Oil is labeled GRAS, Generally Regarded as Safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The application is suited for any existing practices; whether fogging, spraying and/or drip irrigation.

Portable Air Disinfection 

The Air Disinfection System is a patent-pending UV-C technology, laboratory verified in EPA guideline bio-aerosol test chambers to eliminate 99.9995% of viruses, eradicate bacteria and mold, remove particulates, odor, and VOC’s in minutes. The portable unit is proven with nationally recognized facilities such as NYU Medical Center, University of Rochester, Federal VA Hospitals, NY Health + Hospitals, and Baptist Health Systems.

Seed hybrid study

“My initial thoughts were proven wrong after harvesting the test plants. The plants looked better and the yield was increased. In addition, the outside lab water testing came back and the amount of fertilizer in the NLP stream doubled that of the controlled, although both had the same computer dosing.”

Kevin, Greenhouse Manager