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The healthcare industry is an immensely complex system that’s changing fast with the advent of new technologies and burgeoning patient demand. Along with these challenges, compromised building water systems with waterborne pathogens were identified as a key risk factor for patient outcomes.

Healthcare organizations recognized the need to implement water management strategies to address an important question: How can business models and business strategies be modified to cope with these changes while ensuring the safety of patients, visitors and staff throughout the facility?



This policy memorandum applies to Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) and Long-Term Care (LTC)


A monitoring plan to ensure engineering controls are preventing Legionella and scalding in all VA facilities


Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems (ANSI Approved 2015)

With the precision of a skilled surgeon, we use a proven approach, diverse experience, and cross-industry perspectives to help our healthcare clients solve their most complex and intricate water-related problems deftly and confidently with an industry leading guarantee.

Our services range from site assessment, facility design, installation, validation, testing and maintenance contracts to ensure on-going compliance with the ASHRAE 188 water management plan.


At NLP Aqua Solutions, we understand the important role water plays in disinfection, sterilization and surface decontamination against the pathogens of Legionella, MRSA, Ecoli, and Salmonella.

At the enterprise level, we offer environmentally sustainable solutions with our Traiad™ Restoration Technologies to address the challenges of scale, biofilm, and corrosion within the water system infrastructure and HVAC systems.

Downstream, we offer the latest innovations in certified solutions with our Naiad™ Medical Grade Point-of-Use products for critical areas throughout the facility.

We are excited to offer a new innovation; the Naiad™ Medi Flex Tail; ideal in the Operating Room, Sinks, Showers, Ice Machines, and Hydration Stations. The patented anti-microbial hose is ideally suited to the demands of the healthcare sector where containing the spread of infection and meeting budgetary requirements are key priorities. The silver-ion technology proven to reduce harmful bacteria such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, and MRSA by up to 99.99%.