We adopted ‘living water‘ in all our concepts, from product development, marketing, management to service; water restoration is our mission.

We believe in restoring water to its living state in balance to nature’s intended ecosystem through Traiad™ Restorative Sustainable Technologies.

Our Naiad™ Point-of-Use Water Restoration Systems are certified to the ultimate protection from harmful pathogens and submicron particles and trace pharmaceuticals present in potable drinking water.

Our custom systems are proven to mitigate biofilms, scale and corrosion in diverse applications including Medical Water Systems, Agriculture, Distribution Systems for Potable Drinking Water, Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Industrial Water Systems, Horticulture, Aquaculture, and Mining.

The Role of Biofilms

Bacterial microbes exist in every water system in the world. They are perfectly adapted to the environmental conditions, making the disinfection process a difficult task. As microbes grow, they attach themselves to wetted surfaces in the water distribution system. They protect themselves from disinfecting agents by forming biofilms. A biofilm contains a group of bacteria enveloped within a polymeric slime that ensures adhesion within the pipe surface. In turn, they are several hundred times more resistant to the action of various disinfectants and antibiotics than the same microorganisms grown in suspension.

Biofilms occur within pipes, industrial cooling towers, heat exchangers, hospital plumbing system, etc. Because of biofilms’ complex architecture, stabilized by its attached mechanisms and ability to adapt to the environmental conditions, they are very difficult to remove. The cells are specialized to perform different roles, similar to the cells within a multicellular organism, enhancing the survival of the entire colony under adverse conditions and hyperchlorination.

These resistant groups of microorganisms are an important source of contamination for the water which can lead to outbreaks known outbreaks of Legionella,
E.coli and Listeria. All pathogens, which can cause human disease, can survive within a biofilm.

How does the Traiad™ Water Optimizer Mitigate Biofilm?

Our Traiad™ Water Optimizer is specifically engineered to mitigate scale and biofilms in any water pipe configuration under diverse operational conditions. By creating a specific cavitation pressure in the water, the organic scale that protects the biofilms is released allowing the water-borne pathogens and viruses colonies to dislodge from the surface of the pipe. By removing the biofilms, the primary disinfectant is now effective at a lower dose to maintain a safe residual.


Bacteria and algae attach to pipe and equipment surfaces and colonize to form colonies known as biofilms


Traiad™ Water Optimizer physical and chemical reactions with the water cause the release of biofilms by penetrating and dislodging the colonies and prevents future formation.


Released biofilms are then flushed downstream and is filtered with the certifies Naiad™ Point-of-Use Restoration Systems.